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Скачать патч Project CARS Update v4.0 - RELOADED с торрента
[ Скачать (209.2Kb) ] 19.09.2015, 17:48

Project CARS

Скачать патч Project CARS Update v4.0 - RELOADED с торрента

Check included whatsnew.txt for a list of what's new.

About This Game Project CARS is the ultimate driver journey!
Guided, tested, and approved by a passionate community of racing fans and
real-life drivers, Project CARS represents the next-generation of racing
simulation as the ultimate combination of fan desire and developer
Discover an unrivaled immersion fuelled by world-class graphics and
handling that allows you to truly feel the road. Create a driver, pick from
a huge variety of motorsports in a dynamic career mode and write your own
tale in an intense online multiplayer.
Featuring the largest track roster of any recent racing game with a
ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, deep tuning & pit
stop functionality, and support for Oculus Rift and 12K ultra HD
resolution,Project CARSleaves thecompetition behind in the dust.
The digital edition of Project CARS also includes the Limited Edition
upgrade DLC pack, unlocking 5 legendary cars drivable in any game mode and
showcased with special one-make series within your career!
Ford GT40 Mk IV
BMW M1 Pro Car
McLaren F1
Sauber C9
Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe DTM
Next-gen graphics, authentic handling, playable via Oculus Rift and 12K
Ultra HD resolution
Guided, tested and approved by fans & pilots for the perfect gameplay
Master a variety of motorsports & unprecedented track roster in a sandbox
career mode

1. Unrar.
2. Install the update.
3. Run applypatch.
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory to your game
install directory.
5. Play the game.
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

NOTE: Project.CARS.Update.v1.4.Incl.DLC.Repack-RELOADED
need to be installed before applying this update.

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