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Скачать Патч и Кряк (NoDVD) для Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 20150323 - RELOADED
[ · Скачать (6,08 Мб) ] 25.03.2015, 18:30

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Скачать Патч и Кряк (NoDVD) для Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 20150323 - RELOADED

Другие обновления не нужны

- Установить патч в папку с игрой
- Копировать Кряк из папки CRACK в папку с игрой
- Играть

Альтернативные ссылки (только Кряк)



Скачать Патч для Homeworld Remastered Collection

Update 20150323 - RELOADED с торрента:


March 23, 2015     General

•Fixed an issue where the game would crash for Russian players when receiving a chat message.

•Localization of message source tags in chat messages for Russian players.

•Localization of text for UI options menu. 

March 19, 2015     General

•Fixed getting stuck trying to skip NISs during fade to black

•Turned off auto update for lobby screen. (Need to click refresh to get an updated list).

•Dust clouds updated with new improved graphics in HW1 Mission 10. Should be easier to understand safe areas.

•Kushan mothership badge fixed.

•Kushan mothership bridge glows are properly glowing.

•Fixed objectives being unavailable when loading an autosave.

•Friend invites should be a bit more smooth

•Vaygr Corvettes are now included in list of ships affected by gravwell.

•Salvage no longer dies out when being transported back to ship.

•Badges can now be pulled from bin:badges. Helps with issues with Steam saving unwanted badges in your profile to the cloud.

•HW1 Classic modders: /ignorebigfiles and /logfileloads parameters added to help with HW1 classic mods.

•Various stability improvements.
•Fixed an issue where the scroll bar could fail to appear in the Multiplayer “Select Badge” menu.
•Multiplayer invites will now work when region settings are not the same between players.
•Fixed an issue where the player may be unable to scroll through “Game Options” in the multiplayer lobby.
•Fixed an issue where the player may be unable to scroll through “Research Options” menu in-game.
•Restored mod support for Homeworld 1 Classic.
•Command line arguments are now reported properly in the .log file when running the game.
•Addressed a potential crash in Homeworld 1 Remastered Mission 14 when capturing destroyers.
•Fixed an issue where the Multiplayer distance filter could not be set back to ‘Local’ once it had been set to ‘Worldwide’.
•Mission 08 of Homeworld 1 Remastered will now reinforce the correct ship types.
•Fixed custom emblems displaying upside-down in Multiplayer.
• Addressed some issues where the credits could display incorrectly.
•The game now supports native display resolution windowed mode.
•Fixed an issue where the number of SFX channels is not affected by ‘Restore Defaults’ or ‘Cancel’ buttons.
•HUD can be universally scaled through the in-game options menu with a scrollbar.
•Fixed missing research type colors that were missing.
•Properly skinned and updated to scale at various odd resolutions.
•Taskbar - Fixed issue where command icon container would not shrink properly when scaled up then down.
•Listbox scroll bar will scale properly when anchors in involved with their layout.

                   Menu Specific


Build Menu

•Build Facility Category Buttons now scale to fit the max number to allow for drag stretching of menu.
•Layout optimized for performance.
•Items that are unable to be built yet are now more obvious.

•Fixed missing research type colors that where missing.

•Elements scale better at various resolutions.

Launch Menu
•List of ships docked now tiles in a grid
•Size of ship icons docked increased. (They scale with the scale of the launch menu)

User Profile Screen
•Badge select screen now displays as a tiled grid instead of a vertical column
•Badge select screen made significantly larger to allow for more badges on screen
•Kushan preset now properly sets the Kushan badge

Diplomacy screen
•Properly skinned and updated to scale at various odd resolutions.

•Taskbar - Fixed issue where command icon container would not shrink properly when scaled up then down. 

•Option Menu - Removed non-functional SFX Channels option.
•Fixed some missing names in credits videos.
•Webm videos can now be translucent (modder feature).
•Animatics will no longer scale or clip at super wide resolutions.
•Scrollbars can now be set to any arbitrary range (modder feature).
•Listboxes can now be laid out in grids (modder feature).
•Removed misleading icon in the top right corner of dialog boxes that looked like close buttons.
•Draghandles now properly work and extended to allow for future drag-able windows (modder feature).
•Listbox scroll bar will scale properly when anchors in involved with their layout. 

•Added -forceResolution command line to force the game to use the resolution set on the command line. (unsupported feature that modders can use to test various resolutions).

March 6, 2015      General

•Fixes an issue that caused some missions in Homeworld 1 Remastered to have an incorrect amount of resources.

March 5, 2015      General

•NOTE: All in-game audio was mastered and intended to be heard at 100% volume – for optimal experience, we recommend setting all in-game volume sliders to 100%.
•Fixed an issue where Windows DPI scaling could cause the game to display in an unusable resolution.
•Increased size of anomaly pings to make them more readily visible.
•Restored disabled button states to campaign games.
•Added launcher text to indicate DLC content download state.
•Addressed improper UV maps on some units.
•Various audio fixes.
•Fixed weapon audio in Remastered versions to be faithful to classic versions.
•Added “reset video settings to default” function to the launcher.
•Addressed an issue where the screen could go black if an in-engine cut-scene is interrupted. 
•Game now allows windowed resolution at full desktop size.
•Added OpenGL version check to launcher.
•Added more detailed error messaging.
                      Homeworld 1 Remastered 
 •Mission 07 – Addressed an issue where the Kadeshi mothership could disappear.
•Mission 10 - Addressed an issue where the objective “Destroy All Enemy Forces” fails to complete.
•Fixed an issue where attempting to load an incompatible save would cause a loading screen to appear during gameplay.
•Fixed improper letterboxing in Mission 03 cinematic.
•Addressed an issue where dust clouds and nebulae were not auto-collected by resource collectors.
•Mission 02 – Fixed an issue where the objective “Salvage the Khar-Selim” might not complete.
•Mission 06 – Adjusted asteroid field visuals and functionality to improve mission balance.    
                         Homeworld 2 Remastered: •Disabled resource collector research during tutorials.

                   Multiplayer BETA
•Taiidan sensor array ping now functions in multiplayer matches.
•Increased multiplayer lobby limit to 8 players.
•Addressed an issue where multiplayer lobbies could get stuck in the “Connecting” dialog .
•Fixed an issue where multiple checkboxes could appear in certain dialogs.
•Addressed an issue where a player disconnecting from the game while in the lobby could cause the host to crash.
•Addressed an issue where clients could become stuck in the lobby when host gets disconnected.
•The game now checks for Beta opt-in status when inviting a friend 
•Added password icon to password-locked games in the server browser .
•Reduced kamikaze damage on the Vaygr Interceptor to be in-line with other fighters.
•Addressed a crash which could occur under certain circumstances when launching the game from a friend invite.
•Added new loading screens 
•Various stability improvements.
•Addressed a rare issue where games could become stuck on an infinite loading screen.
•Added server distance filter.

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